Success Story!

Dear friends,

I just wanted to share with you a great story that brought me a lot of joy.

Recently, we had to make a list with children that will be in the public school this fall. Only the children that are 6 years old until September  can go to school  by the state laws. In my kindergarten class I have a girl that will be 6 only in October, so they wouldn’t  allow her to school. I felt very bad because I knew this girl is very smart and perfectly able to follow school. So, Alina and I found out that if the child is psychologically evaluated and she passes that evaluation test they (the school) can subscribe her in a class at school, although she does not have the right age.

So, although i did’t know what will happen but trusting that the right thing will happen, I took Rahela and her mother to Oradea, to a psychological office. We went through a play ground by the big school and she was so excited to see so many new things. I worried a little bit because I was afraid she won’t talk to the psychologist because everything was so new and different to her. A whole new world was opening in front of her eyes. So I kept encouraging her and her mum too. We finnaly arrived at the school psychologist’s office and I explained to her that Romanian is not Rahela’s native language and of course she won’t speak it very well but that doesn’t mean she is not able to understand, to answer questions or do math. I thought the evaluation lasted forever. I finnaly got the answer that brought me so much joy and brightened my day: Rahela passed the evaluation so she will be going to school this fall. I was so proud of her and I felt that  something  great was accomplished.

I know that it may seem it was just an evaluation but I am so thankful for that day, for Rahela and for all the kids in which I can see the „seed” growing, is such a reward …

Here are some pics of my sweet smart little girl RAHELA. Be blessed!

written by her kindergarten teacher Raluca

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