We are going to the ZOO!!!

There is nothing more exciting as a kid than counting the days till your summer holiday. Well, this time around the waiting and counting was even more special for 60 kids from the gypsy community in Lazareni. The 60 that have been picked out to go to the Zoo in the big city were the ones that attended school regularly and it was our way of rewarding their efforts.

To say they were excited it would be an understatement! Most of the have never been to the Zoo and had really no idea what zoo was, but as long as it involved renting a bus and taking them to the city they were all ready for it. Must see the photos bellow!

The walk or should I say the wander through the zoo was fascinating. They were surprised, shocked, scarred, amazed and the list can go on. All these emotions we accompanied by gasps, yells and laughter. What an amazing experience.

Once done with the Zoo we planned a surprise picnic for all 80 of us in the park. We all sat on the grass and enjoyed our delicious lunch. We them gave them another two hours to play in the park and in no time the swings and slides were full of kids clinging like bees on a honeycomb!

A huge THANKS to all who have made this event possible!