Please consider donating towards such a great project!

A few days ago we were blessed with some much needed rain in a dry season. However the rain was accompanied by some powerful winds that forced some poor families to evacuate their homes.
The Ciurar family made up of single mom and five kids were among the unfortunate ones. Their roof was totally destroyed beyond repair and the family have slept outside ever since.
As you see in the included photos their house needs major repairs in order to make it safe and livable for the family. The walls have also been partially destroyed but the rain as their made of mud bricks.

We estimated about $2600 to rebuild the whole house using brick and putting a new roof on.
Would you consider joining us in our effort to unconditionally love this people in a most tangible way by donation $1000, $500, $250 or even $100 toward the total cost of $3200?

IMG_20140704_095525 IMG_20140704_095547 IMG_20140704_100057

the old house has to goIMG_20140807_124927 making room for the new one





We’re $800 short of finishing the house. Please consider donating towards such a great project!