• Steve & Rachel Prescott, Missions Lead, Kings Church Bolton UK.

The only way our team could describe our time in Lazereni this year was special and God inspired.  We saw every team member have fun, be challenged, serve, love on others and ultimately grow closer to God. Lazareni is a special place, God is doing an incredible work and we just love being part of it.  Our team came back bigger and although we came to give we left receiving far more than we gave.  We love what the Caleb Foundation stand for as you stand in the gap for communities that society says are hopeless but we witness you depositing hope into the lives of others.

  • Adam Islip, Kings Church, Bolton UK

Walking around the Gypsy village for the first time, with the team from the Caleb Foundation, was a profoundly stirring experience. You can’t help but notice the poverty and the desperate conditions that people are living in, but at the same time sense the joy and deep community spirit that exists between them. You can also see the incredible difference that the Caleb Foundation is bringing to this village – not just in the here and now, but in totally transforming the future for the next generation. The impact is noticeable, but more importantly, it’s eternal. The difference they are making will only ever been truly seen in heaven.

Your time here will transform you too. You will have come to serve and give – but you will probably leave with having received so much more! As you roll your sleeves up and get stuck in, God will undoubtedly work on your own heart too. Helping the poor, teaching children, visiting widows, serving the vision that God has given to Gheorghe & Alina will be both tiring and deeply refreshing. But “as you refresh others, you too yourself will be refreshed.” Proverbs 11:25

  • Andrea Cain, Kings Church

Mission has made me appreciate what we have as a family as a church and were there’s room for change. In serving, praying and bringing people to God.  I’m Glad our work is continuing with the Caleb foundation, I can’t wait till next time we meet. God is amazing.

  • Phil Daniels, Kings Church

Mission has continued to stoke my fire. Every time I go to Romania, I am undone. I have never been to a place that makes me cry with emotion and yet so much joy too. I have learnt so much about not having to have world possessions to have Joy. This is one of my biggest take away from this journey. Gheorghe & Alina inspire me so much and I’m truly privileged to have them in my life.

  • Danielle Amos, Kings Church

Reflecting on Romania it’s made me realize how blessed we are that we have the capability through god to serve and bless others so uniquely. It’s really humbled my outlook on life and I know through God’s strength alone we can achieve anything. I feel truly honoured to have been able to share such a fantastic experience with amazing people where we have been able to place our hands and hearts on a community that will shine through God’s work. Thank You to Alina, Gheorghe and all my team for allowing me to be apart of something so so great.

  • Annabelle Young, Kings Church

I was absolutely blown away at what God does already at the Caleb Foundation. I absolutely loved being with the team here and learning from what they do so well. God is clearly at work here and moving in changing and building lives. For me personally, being willing to do whatever it takes and being attentive to what God is saying is vital to joining in here. Thank you so much Gheorghe & Alina for allowing us to join in with what you are doing!

  • Naomi Bainbridge, Kings Church

It opened my eyes to see how people have so much joy in the midst of what we see as poverty and how that circumstances shouldn’t dictate your joy, and in fact you should have joy in EVERY situation because of who Jesus is, not because of what’s going on around us on earth.

  • Jacob Harrison, Kings Church

Mission has drawn me closer to God and hear from him in a new way. It has also enabled me to see the world in a new way. It has also given me a fresh confidence in my faith in God.

  • David Smart, Kings Church

Coming to Lazareni has opened my eyes to what God is doing among the gypsy people, and grown me as a person as I learnt the joy of serving God in a team. Gheorghe and Alina have been an inspiration.

  • Jean Barass, Kings Church

WOW, what a week! The passion and commitment of the whole Caleb team is overwhelming. Each and every one of them have inspired me. They truly represent and live out God’s love. They are all living testimonies of God’s promises…He takes our little and uses it beyond our wildest dreams. No longer will I doubt my little…instead I will faithfully give all my ‘littles’ to God and watch with excitement what He does with them. Caleb Foundation you are beyond outstanding…Thank You.

  • Kevin’s Experience in Romania, Lazareni

What a wonderful experience for me to serve in Lazareni, Romania with Gheorge and Alina.
The fruit that falls from both your spiritual gifts to the people of the village is amazing.
The Caleb Foundation is a true blessing from the LORD.
The image of Jesus washing the feet of his disciples came to my mind while visiting.
The great gifts God gives us Time, Life and Choice you both give so much of each serving, blessing and praying for Lazareni and beyond.
Working with the kindergarten team was so much fun.
Having the children around gave me a sense of the true meaning of Love that God lavishes upon each one of us.
The kids just hugged and shared their time (just being children) which blessed me tremendously.
I can’t say enough regarding the people in the village.
My prayers will always include Lazareni.
On the last service in the village seeing all the men standing with their wives and girlfriends took me to a passage in Marks gospel where Jesus heals a blind man.
Jesus then asks ‘do you see anything’?
This was my question after Mission.
I saw with conviction God orchestrating His will among the people of Lazareni. Men and women standing firm against the evil that is in this world.
I went on Mission to serve – Mission also served me in ways I was not expecting.
God Bless Gheorge, Alina, Lazareni and the Caleb Foundation

  • Jenny

Dear Gheorge & Alina and all the staff at the Caleb foundation.
Thank you for working so very hard to get the mission accommodation ready for our arrival. We loved staying there and felt very blessed to have been the first guests.
You all made us feel very welcome and went out of your way to ensure we were comfortable and well fed!

Thank you also for interpreting for us and for allowing the children to give us so many hugs. Alina, I loved the way you engaged with the Romany women and children – they clearly had great affection for you in return.

The mission trip to Lazareni was an amazing experience. Meeting the staff at the Caleb foundation along with the Romany community blessed me no end. To see the hunger for God in people’s hearts and their dedication to prayer was inspirational.

I felt both honoured and privileged to be able to share my testimony, teach, play with the children, and especially to pray for people. Witnessing people being touched by the miraculous power of God was amazing. God changed the Romany peoples mourning into joyful dancing, He removed their sackcloths and clothed them with gladness. Ps 30:11.
The Romany community are so humble and grateful that they insisted on praying for us. They blessed us so much.

I would encourage anyone to visit the Caleb Foundation. Go with an open heart, a heart of humility and of servitude, willing to do whatever God asks of you.

I hope to return to Lazareni again but will try to learn a little of the Romanian language.

Thank you for welcoming us, hosting us, and blessing us ❤

  • Gareth

It was an absolute honour to be a small part of what God is doing in lazareni through the Caleb foundation.
You can see the transformation that has happened in the village and the generation of young adults who have grown up with the Caleb foundation are really changing the future of the village.
Going into the village to pray with the locals was an experience I will never forget. I got to see God move in so many ways.
It was great to attend the gypsy church and worship with them. We had the privilege to be part of the Sunday evening service sharing testimonies and the word of God.
God is moving in a big way in Lazareni through the Caleb foundation and I look forward to coming back to serve you in the future.

  • Rebecca

A few words for G&A.
I am so blessed to have been able to spend time with the Caleb Foundation and the residents of Lazareni.
I went not knowing what to expect, but being willing for God to use me. During my stay, there were highs and lows, and I was stretched and tested. But pressing into the power and wisdom of our mighty God, I was able to build in the confidence of listening to God speak and experienced miracles. By the end of the trip, with the people of Lazareni etched on my heart and the love they have for our creator, I returned with a deeper encouragement of our wonderful, caring and mighty God.