Diaper a day Project

Despite the fact that the people of Lazareni have been trapped in a cycle of poverty, inequality, and hopelessness. Change is on the horizon. You see, the people of this small community are incredibly beautiful and the Caleb Foundation is partnering with the Proton Foundation in the hopes to see transformation take place. Hope is beginning to rise and that darkness that covered over many hopes is being pushed back. We really are creating positive futures.

But there are still incredible needs and we are passionate about empowering this small community to be all they are meant to be.

The focus of the Diaper-a-day project is the needs of 60 Romanian children under the age of 2. Our goal, in partnership with the Proton Foundation is to help these families raise their babies without exposing them to disease and infection caused by the lack of water and basic hygiene facilities. A clear and basic need is the lack of diapers (or nappies). This is due to the living conditions in the village where currently there is no running water to wash cloth diapers (nappies) and insufficient financial capacity to purchase disposable diapers.

The net result is that each child is without diapers and is at risk of disease and at a more real level, they are not able to enjoy playing, learning, crawling, or sleeping. Their young lives are made difficult by this simple lack that is easily fixed.

Anyone can fix it! You can fix it!

This project aims to provide each of these children with a clean diaper a day, at a minimum. This will help their parents raise their children in a clean and healthy environment and protect them from disease and infections caused by the lack of water and basic hygiene facilities.

This is the second year we have run this program and it was exciting to see how this simple project made such a huge difference to the children but also to the families in enabling the babies to sleep through the night, and to crawl, play, and cuddle with their families. It alleviated discomfort and anxious crying, which in turn, helped the rest of the family too.
This year our target is to provide 43,800 diapers to the 60 children in Lazareni. Will you consider investing in this project and in these families? You can be part of creating positive futures today.

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