Dignity Project


Project Overview
To provide females who have a menstrual cycle with a pack of sanitary products each month of the year. The women that this project is directed towards, come from a Roma Gypsy village in Lazareni.  Currently there are about 100 females within this Community that require the support of this project. The aim of providing a pack of sanitary tampons for each woman each month of the year, means providing 1,200 packs each year.  We are partnering with the Proton Foundation to make this possible.

Project Details
The objectives of the project are:

  1. To provide one pack of tampon sanitary products each month to 100 females, who live in the Roma Gypsy Community in Lazareni which equates to 1,200 packs annually.
  2. To decrease the risk of contamination within the community caused by lack of water and basic hygiene facilities.
  3. To give the females back their dignity to enable them to continue with their daily routine, ensuring community inclusion at all times.

Each pack of tampons will be distributed to the females on a monthly basis from the Caleb Foundation’s property.

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