Peaceful Nights Campaign

We’d like to give all our friends, supporters and readers a chance to get involved in the “Peaceful Nights Campaign”.

We plan on making 50 baby cribs for the kids two and under in the gypsy village. Some of these kids have been bitten by rats at night as they had to sleep on the floor or have fallen of the bed they were sharing with their brothers and sisters or parents.

Many of our kindergarten and school kids complain that they can’t get much sleep at night because of the small siblings they share a bed with.

Just recently the mayor’s office contacted us to ask for our help as the Child Protection Agency have threatened take away all babies that have no suitable sleeping conditions.

Help us make the nights less frightening and more pleasant for these kids by donating $50 toward making of one crib so we can give them as a gift! Because of low or no income most families can’t afford to buy these cribs.

The beds will be made by our gypsy apprentices at no profit.

Feel free to use our Wood Workshop Tab under the Donate Page, or General Donation Tab.


Thank You!