Caleb Camp 2020

The best part about this year’s camp is that we were able to have more children attend. Previous years we had 36-40 kids and this year we had 90.

Feedback from the leaders:

Cornel: “I was thrilled to see the love that was visibly manifested by the leaders towards the children. The kids have begun to open up so much more and we were able to start new relationships.”

Mugurel: “Because of Covid 19 we were not able to travel anywhere so we had to have our camp on Caleb’s property. To every one’s amazement amazing things happen right here in our little village. To me the Camp Fire was the highlight as God used that time to bless the children.”

Daniela: “The team work spirit clearly manifested in the Caleb team was what made the camp such a great success.”

Denisa: “It was such a great camp. For me, the time spent with the teenage girls was the best experience.”

Doroteea: “What I liked the most in previous years were the nights spent with the girls, but unfortunately this year this was not possible.”

Alina & George: “It was a God ordained camp. Both children and grownups love to gravitate around Caleb as this is the place where they have the best experiences. Everything was done out of sacrificial love.”