Victory sign in the window

Victory sign in the window… Today I went to the colony to fetch the kindergarten children. After walking for about 15 minutes, I had frozen toes, cause Doroteea and winter socks don’t go together. One thing about me is that when I’m cold I’m not the friendliest person in the world. Walking down the snowy street, waiting to see where another dog would come out of, Denisa points out this window.

– Look, did you see?

– See what?

Turning my head and see this “picture” placed in the window.

My heart danced with joy.

This “picture” is a letter I wrote to Romina’s mother about her little girl. When I wrote them, my though was something like “I’m sure they’ll end up in the trash.” But no. Not only was this letter not thrown away, on the contrary, it was put in the window for all to see. Those who pass by can stop and read it. It was not my intention to be read by more people, but I am happy for that gesture. It gave me the courage to dare more.

Yes, the Roma may not value many things, but what comes out of love they end up putting in the window, like a white flag.

The line between love and pity may be fine, but they certainly feel the difference.

When you help a person no matter what color they are, you wonder if it was love or pity. When you give love, the person who receives will raise a white flag of victory.

Love will always be a sign of victory!

Don’t ever forget that!

with love, Doroteea