Special Needs


We have been holding classes and courses in the very old dirt-brick little huts on our property for quite some time. They have been fine so far because of us fixing them but now unfortunately due to their age and some have become a liability.

With help from teams of volunteers we have been able to tear down the old building and proceeded to build a new one in its place using modern materials.

Using our gyspy team to do most of the labor we made huge progress, however we are still far from having raised the finances needed to finish the building.

Your donations would be greatly appreciated!

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Some of our dear friends in the gypsy village have very basic living conditions but they consider themselves blessed to have some sort of roof to hide under. Most dread the harsh winter months but especially those that don’t have a hut.

Read Gabi and Mona’s story here.


We try all the different incentives to help the kids stay in school and get an education. However they can’t afford all the required school supplies and this is always an excuse not to attend school. We have been able to help sporadically but we could really use some help.



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