Prin Proiectul izolării caselor, încercăm să facem lunile de iarnă mai ușoare pentru familile din comunitate. Ei încearcă să își încălzească cașile cu lemne dar din cauză că acestea nu sunt izolate, căldura se pierde. Temperaturile în timpul iernii pot ajunge pana la -25 grade Celsius.

The beauty of this project is that it involves volunteers that need no prior qualifications in order to insulate a house. All the necessary training is done on site on the first day the team arrives. Within 3-5 days, the house undergoes major transformation that involves applying a layer of Styrofoam secured with plugs and adhesive on its exterior followed by a fiberglass mash covered by a layer of adhesive. When is all dried and rendered we apply paint.

The simplicity of this action, reduces fuel costs by 40%, creates a quality of life not experienced before and leaves a Landmark in the community that someone cares. Celebrating 32 insulated homes so far!