Caleb Foundation’s holistic approach is found in the following areas of involvement:

  • Economical
  • Business Development
  • Humanitarian and Social
  • Educational
  • Spiritual
  • Medical

These Objectives are achieved by:

  • Helping to create a better quality of life, living conditions and economic status for the marginalized minorities
  • Providing humanitarian aid for those not able to provide for themselves especially families with low or no income
  • Educate and integrate the minorities in order to help them earn a decent living
  • Protect the children’s rights using all legal means including adoption
  • Assisting the marginalized children, young people and adults in developing and improving their intellectual abilities and skills through schooling, training, workshops
  • Training and teaching using Biblical values and principles
  • Providing material aid as well as spiritual support for those in need
  • Assist the young people to integrate in society
  • Organize camps, field trips, training sessions and sport events for young people
  • Raise funds in order to achieve the proposed objectives

These outlined specifics translate in various projects carried out by our foundation and detailed in our current projects tab: Projects