New Building Project- Mission House

Those that have visited Caleb Foundation in the past five years have seen how much we have expanded our programs and projects and grown our impact in the community.

Whether you were part of a short-term mission team or visited as an individual I am sure you were blessed to be able to interact with the ever-growing romma community in Lazareni. While some of you were thrilled to be working with the small children or the students, others had the privilege of insulating homes and participating in other hands-on projects that brought comfort to the needy families. Now, without wanting to make the other jealous, the teams that joined us for the Caleb Sommer Camps seemed to have had the most fun while transforming many lives.

If there is a common suggestion in our end of trip survey, that would be “we’d like to spend more time out in the village”. So far we have had to drive back and forth from Oradea every day as Caleb could not offer suitable accommodation.

After much prayer and hours of discussion with our board we have decided it was time to build a building that would serve that very purpose, hosting our mission teams, as well as other. So as seen in the 3D rendering there is going to be (finally) a large enough room on the main floor to fit the crowds present for different activities and celebrations throughout the year. This will also serve as a dining room as we are pleased to let you know we will be serving all the meals on site.

Upstairs there will be four bedrooms that will accommodate our Short Mission Teams during the warmer months and Internship Program candidates in the colder months.

Now, all we have to do is raise the necessary funds for the Mission House! The good news is that some friends have already pledged to cover some of the costs! 

UPDATE: visible progress

Will you consider donating EUR 50; EUR 100; EUR 1000 or more towards making this dream come true?
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