Caleb Kindergarten

Caleb’s kindergarten impact in my life and in that of children has been incredible!

Since I first came to Lazareni at Caleb Foundation my life has changed. The daily presence of these children and their affection towards me has left deep traces in my heart, traces that have taught me to love, to forgive and sacrifice for the sake of pure love. Why affection? Because we’re all created equal I’ve learned to love and hug a child that wears dirty clothes, is unwashed and in tears. They too in turn have learned to love me and miss me greatly when I’m gone. Every morning at our breakfast prayer, after we say “Amen” they continue, “and may our miss always be well”.

Daily I hear them say: “I love you, miss!” or “I have missed you!” or “When are you going to take me to your home?” and “Let’s stay in kindergarten until morning.”

I am filled with joy every day, knowing the moment I turn key to open the door to our classroom someone will make me smile and I’ll do the same in return.

Denisa Turcut – kindergarten teacher

We are so proud of our Kindergartners! Watch this videos and you will find out why.