Men’s & Women’s Creative Workshop

Girls’ accessories 

It’s been really interesting over the past few months to witness how God has encouraged the hearts of His people, to believe for a future that can only be found in Him. The development of the Workshop has been a blessing to behold, a privilege to witness, and an honour to be a part of.

The guys who are being trained have been so faithful and diligent in their attitudes, coming to the workshop day after day, week after week and month after month. They have spoken about how they have gone from being completely unskilled, to now being able to make beautiful tables, benches, and candle holders. This is not the end of their training, this is only the beginning, as we are believing God will open the doors for an apprenticeship program to continue investing into these faithful men as they continue to learn their trade. You can be a part of sponsoring a workshop apprentice by committing to a little finance and a lot of prayer for the next 12 months.
In the women’s program there have been a variety of skills taught including cooking, sewing, knitting, jewelry making, crochet, embroidery, and making blankets and pot holders by weaving wool on a peg loom. We have discovered that some of the participants are extremely gifted in certain skills and we are looking at ways of helping them earn a living through these talents.
We have also introduced a very important aspect of the project which we haven’t been able to bring until now. The adult education classes began, and with a very simple and gentle introduction, it was heart-warming to understand a little of the individual backgrounds and contexts that bring these people together for the session. It’s both sad and bewildering to hear such stories of why people never learnt to read and write properly, others not at all, and how humbling it is for them to now want to resume their studies. They are here for a variety of reasons, but mostly they would like to read the Bible, they would like to get a job, and they also desire to encourage and help their kids with their homework. There are all sorts of reasons why they dropped out of school, for some it was too far to walk, for others their parents didn’t let them, there were financial reasons and challenges, and also rejection plays a big part with some teachers uninterested in helping them learn. Please pray with us about these classes and the impact they are having.