Latest News: Dec. 25th 2013 – the best way to spend Christmas!

Our church from Oradea decided once again to celebrate Christmas in a very unique fashion. We organized a Christmas celebration for the over a hundred kids involved in our programs in the big hall the mayor provided for us out in the gypsy village. We had an awesome time of caroling, puppet shows and tons of laughter. Did I mention over a thousand cabbage rolls to feed the crowds? Some delicious traditional cake was added to the menu as well as the “can never have too many” oranges. Those attending admitted that this is probably one of the best Christmas seasons they’d had.

excited about cabbage rolls
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Latest news: The Gypsy children from Lazareni get free showers and toilets units


The local TV station made a great newsflash covering the event:

After many years of trying to get water on the Foundation’s property we’ve almost given up.  We’ve drilled four wells and found no water even though we went as deep as 230 meters. Finally we changed plans and realized all we needed was a big tank buried in the ground. Thankfully someone else thought the same, The mayor helped get the tank and we were able to put it in the ground, hook a water pump to it and run the water to the shower units.