Miracles still happen!

We’ve been dreaming of better place for our kindergarten gypsy kids for quite a while now. The place they’ve been meeting in looked like an accident waiting to happen. Fortunately our dream came true and at the beginning of October 2014 we were able to move in our new classroom. What a blessing. Bellow you can see the before and now photos.

This miracle was made possible with the help of wonderful friends who love the Roma people. The before and after photos are shocking,,, Continue reading “Miracles still happen!”

Please consider donating towards such a great project!

A few days ago we were blessed with some much needed rain in a dry season. However the rain was accompanied by some powerful winds that forced some poor families to evacuate their homes.
The Ciurar family made up of single mom and five kids were among the unfortunate ones. Their roof was totally destroyed beyond repair and the family have slept outside ever since.
As you see in the included photos their house needs major repairs in order to make it safe and livable for the family. The walls have also been partially destroyed but the rain as their made of mud bricks. Continue reading “Please consider donating towards such a great project!”

Success Story!

Dear friends,

I just wanted to share with you a great story that brought me a lot of joy.

Recently, we had to make a list with children that will be in the public school this fall. Only the children that are 6 years old until September  can go to school  by the state laws. In my kindergarten class I have a girl that will be 6 only in October, so they wouldn’t  allow her to school. I felt very bad because I knew this girl is very smart and perfectly able to follow school. So, Alina and I found out that if the child is psychologically evaluated and she passes that evaluation test they (the school) can subscribe her in a class at school, although she does not have the right age. Continue reading “Success Story!”

We are going to the ZOO!!!

There is nothing more exciting as a kid than counting the days till your summer holiday. Well, this time around the waiting and counting was even more special for 60 kids from the gypsy community in Lazareni. The 60 that have been picked out to go to the Zoo in the big city were the ones that attended school regularly and it was our way of rewarding their efforts.

To say they were excited it would be an understatement! Most of the have never been to the Zoo and had really no idea what zoo was, but as long as it involved renting a bus and taking them to the city they were all ready for it. Must see the photos bellow! Continue reading “We are going to the ZOO!!!”

Who would have thought that “Diapers” could bring such joy?!

April 2014 DIAPERS DISTRIBUTION Receiving a few diapers for your little one may not be a big deal where you or I come from. However in a village where they have never had drinking or running water they are viewed as luxury items! We were able to bring joy to many families by distributing over 800 diapers. You could through your donation or gift continue to bring help and hope to this wonderful people! These are just some of the gypsy parents that walked away happy carrying their treasured gifts. IMG_20140416_112826

Easter Bunnies – made by our kids

As the number of kids attending school is constantly growing so are our needs. So we’re constantly looking for ways to support the kids and encourage them to go to and stay in school. As Easter is approaching our 1st – 4th graders got busy making bunnies out of clay and then pain them nicely in order to sell them and use the money for school supplies. We are really impressed with their efforts!

Latest News: Chicken distribution

Last week through donations made by wonderful people thousands of miles away we were able to distribute poultry to all 395 people part of the gypsy community in Lazareni.  We were blessed to see the gratitude expressed in so may ways and words!