Finally clean and pure water

After countless years of drinking and using dirty and contaminated water the time has come for the gypsy people from Lazareni to finally have pure water.

Our friends and partners Larry Farewell and Pacific Christian Center have made this miracle possible by buying 300 sawyer filters for all gypsy families.

The feedback has been an explosion of joy and gratitude!

The “shoe that grows” and “dress a girl” made possible by Hope 4 Kids!

The Hope 4 Kids team visited us again this year and as always it brought a lot of joy and hope to the gypsy children from Lazareni.

Through “the shoe that grows” and “dress a girl” projects, they were able to bless over a hundred children that could not otherwise afford these precious items.

We ended the day with a joyous party that involved two of the kids’ most favorite: pizza and ice cream.

For some their wildest dreams do come true!

In June at the end of the school year we were able with the help and generosity of King’s Church from Bolton UK to give out 16 bikes to our best students. They qualified for what they thought would be the most desirable prize. Trying to describe their joy would be close to impossible, so we better let the pictures speak.

After School Project

Please take a moment to view this incredible video that shows the impact our After School program has in the gypsy community of Lazareni.

Project Overview
To provide an after school program to help educate Roma Gypsy children between the age’s of 7 – 14 years old, giving them the opportunity to access extra support to help them meet their state school targets and educational requirements. The aim for this project is to provide 60 children with the opportunity to access 3 x 2 hour programs each week that will cover 9 different subjects, in alignment with their state education curriculum. Whilst the children attend these extra classes a meal will also be provided for them. The children whom this project is targeted towards come from a Roma Gypsy village in Lazareni. The project would run for 8 out of 12 months and look to give extra tutorials and incentives to each child, supporting each one of them to achieve their full potential in their education. The overall aim is to educate 60 children with 6 hours of extra tuition per week, 8 months of the year, providing them with 3 healthy meals per week.

Peaceful Nights Campaign

We’d like to give all our friends, supporters and readers a chance to get involved in the “Peaceful Nights Campaign”.

We plan on making 50 baby cribs for the kids two and under in the gypsy village. Some of these kids have been bitten by rats at night as they had to sleep on the floor or have fallen of the bed they were sharing with their brothers and sisters or parents.

Many of our kindergarten and school kids complain that they can’t get much sleep at night because of the small siblings they share a bed with.

Just recently the mayor’s office contacted us to ask for our help as the Child Protection Agency have threatened take away all babies that have no suitable sleeping conditions.

Help us make the nights less frightening and more pleasant for these kids by donating $50 toward making of one crib so we can give them as a gift! Because of low or no income most families can’t afford to buy these cribs.

The beds will be made by our gypsy apprentices at no profit.

Feel free to use our Wood Workshop Tab under the Donate Page, or General Donation Tab.


Thank You!

Dignity Project


Project Overview
To provide females who have a menstrual cycle with a pack of sanitary products each month of the year. The women that this project is directed towards, come from a Roma Gypsy village in Lazareni.  Currently there are about 100 females within this Community that require the support of this project. The aim of providing a pack of sanitary tampons for each woman each month of the year, means providing 1,200 packs each year.  We are partnering with the Proton Foundation to make this possible.

Project Details
The objectives of the project are:

  1. To provide one pack of tampon sanitary products each month to 100 females, who live in the Roma Gypsy Community in Lazareni which equates to 1,200 packs annually.
  2. To decrease the risk of contamination within the community caused by lack of water and basic hygiene facilities.
  3. To give the females back their dignity to enable them to continue with their daily routine, ensuring community inclusion at all times.

Each pack of tampons will be distributed to the females on a monthly basis from the Caleb Foundation’s property.

Click our Donate button to restore dignity to one of these beautiful ladies by donating today.

Diaper a day Project

Despite the fact that the people of Lazareni have been trapped in a cycle of poverty, inequality, and hopelessness. Change is on the horizon. You see, the people of this small community are incredibly beautiful and the Caleb Foundation is partnering with the Proton Foundation in the hopes to see transformation take place. Hope is beginning to rise and that darkness that covered over many hopes is being pushed back. We really are creating positive futures.

But there are still incredible needs and we are passionate about empowering this small community to be all they are meant to be.

The focus of the Diaper-a-day project is the needs of 60 Romanian children under the age of 2. Our goal, in partnership with the Proton Foundation is to help these families raise their babies without exposing them to disease and infection caused by the lack of water and basic hygiene facilities. A clear and basic need is the lack of diapers (or nappies). This is due to the living conditions in the village where currently there is no running water to wash cloth diapers (nappies) and insufficient financial capacity to purchase disposable diapers.

The net result is that each child is without diapers and is at risk of disease and at a more real level, they are not able to enjoy playing, learning, crawling, or sleeping. Their young lives are made difficult by this simple lack that is easily fixed.

Anyone can fix it! You can fix it!

This project aims to provide each of these children with a clean diaper a day, at a minimum. This will help their parents raise their children in a clean and healthy environment and protect them from disease and infections caused by the lack of water and basic hygiene facilities.

This is the second year we have run this program and it was exciting to see how this simple project made such a huge difference to the children but also to the families in enabling the babies to sleep through the night, and to crawl, play, and cuddle with their families. It alleviated discomfort and anxious crying, which in turn, helped the rest of the family too.
This year our target is to provide 43,800 diapers to the 60 children in Lazareni. Will you consider investing in this project and in these families? You can be part of creating positive futures today.

You can donate by clicking our Donate Button.