New Building Project- Mission House

Those that have visited Caleb Foundation in the past five years have seen how much we have expanded our programs and projects and grown our impact in the community.

Whether you were part of a short-term mission team or visited as an individual I am sure you were blessed to be able to interact with the ever-growing romma community in Lazareni. While some of you were thrilled to be working with the small children or the students, others had the privilege of insulating homes and participating in other hands-on projects that brought comfort to the needy families. Now, without wanting to make the other jealous, the teams that joined us for the Caleb Sommer Camps seemed to have had the most fun while transforming many lives.

If there is a common suggestion in our end of trip survey, that would be “we’d like to spend more time out in the village”. So far we have had to drive back and forth from Oradea every day as Caleb could not offer suitable accommodation.

After much prayer and hours of discussion with our board we have decided it was time to build a building that would serve that very purpose, hosting our mission teams, as well as other. So as seen in the 3D rendering there is going to be (finally) a large enough room on the main floor to fit the crowds present for different activities and celebrations throughout the year. This will also serve as a dining room as we are pleased to let you know we will be serving all the meals on site.

Upstairs there will be four bedrooms that will accommodate our Short Mission Teams during the warmer months and Internship Program candidates in the colder months.

Now, all we have to do is raise the necessary funds for the Mission House! The good news is that some friends have already pledged to cover some of the costs! 

UPDATE: visible progress

Will you consider donating EUR 50; EUR 100; EUR 1000 or more towards making this dream come true?
If so, please click on the buttons bellow or contact us for more information.

Victory sign in the window

Victory sign in the window… Today I went to the colony to fetch the kindergarten children. After walking for about 15 minutes, I had frozen toes, cause Doroteea and winter socks don’t go together. One thing about me is that when I’m cold I’m not the friendliest person in the world. Walking down the snowy street, waiting to see where another dog would come out of, Denisa points out this window.

– Look, did you see?

– See what?

Turning my head and see this “picture” placed in the window.

My heart danced with joy.

This “picture” is a letter I wrote to Romina’s mother about her little girl. When I wrote them, my though was something like “I’m sure they’ll end up in the trash.” But no. Not only was this letter not thrown away, on the contrary, it was put in the window for all to see. Those who pass by can stop and read it. It was not my intention to be read by more people, but I am happy for that gesture. It gave me the courage to dare more.

Yes, the Roma may not value many things, but what comes out of love they end up putting in the window, like a white flag.

The line between love and pity may be fine, but they certainly feel the difference.

When you help a person no matter what color they are, you wonder if it was love or pity. When you give love, the person who receives will raise a white flag of victory.

Love will always be a sign of victory!

Don’t ever forget that!

with love, Doroteea

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Caleb Camp 2020

The best part about this year’s camp is that we were able to have more children attend. Previous years we had 36-40 kids and this year we had 90.

Feedback from the leaders:

Cornel: “I was thrilled to see the love that was visibly manifested by the leaders towards the children. The kids have begun to open up so much more and we were able to start new relationships.”

Mugurel: “Because of Covid 19 we were not able to travel anywhere so we had to have our camp on Caleb’s property. To every one’s amazement amazing things happen right here in our little village. To me the Camp Fire was the highlight as God used that time to bless the children.”

Daniela: “The team work spirit clearly manifested in the Caleb team was what made the camp such a great success.”

Denisa: “It was such a great camp. For me, the time spent with the teenage girls was the best experience.”

Doroteea: “What I liked the most in previous years were the nights spent with the girls, but unfortunately this year this was not possible.”

Alina & George: “It was a God ordained camp. Both children and grownups love to gravitate around Caleb as this is the place where they have the best experiences. Everything was done out of sacrificial love.”

End of Semester Report

We started the school year with 36 children enrolled.  By now the community has begun to understand the role of education. We still have a long way to go, but we see more and more parents wanting to bring their kids to kindergarten and engaging with the teacher for their kids’ better future.

Here are a few stories about a few of our kids:

Benjamin – Beni, as we call him, is one of my children with a lot of personality! Very stubborn! But I am stubborn/determined to make my students realize they have great potential! He has a habit of starting his work and not finishing it. He gives up easily when something is hard, and things don’t go his way! In the beginning I didn’t pressured him to finish his work.   Until one day I decided he needs to learn to finish his work, to finish what he started!  He started a puzzle.  He saw that it wasn’t really easy, although it was one that he could finish if he would put more effort into it. He got up from the table to leave. I bring him back to the table to finish what he started.  For half an hour he was staring at the walls with no interest. After he realized that he really needs to finish his puzzle before moving on he made an effort and It took him about 10 minutes to finish it!  At the end I hear: “Teacher, I succeeded!  You see, I can do it!” He was very proud of himself! Now, when we have an obstacle, we always come back to that puzzle story.  And he tells me: “I was successful then, I’m sure I can be successful again” And yes, Beni now is one of the smartest kid in the group and his “stubbornness” is no longer a weakness is his biggest strength because he understand he can use that towards accomplishing great things.

Daniel – the first time he went to kindergarten this year, he didn’t know what to expect.  He had never seen a colorful kindergarten class full of toys. Thus, every morning his mother had to stay with him until he would get familiar with the room, the children, the toys.  But every time his mother was leaving he would start to cry.  He didn’t know exactly what was going to happen, except that he would have to stay with the rest of the children which were not his friends.  He had heard about kindergarten from his older brothers but did not know exactly what kindergarten is. Every day in the morning I had to calm him down from his crying. It went on for about a month. The day came when his mother didn’t have to stay with him anymore and Daniel was telling his mother to go home, he didn’t need her anymore. Daniel stopped crying. He understood now that he is in kindergarten and that he has friends and many toys here.  Although he is very shy and sensitive by nature, one day I observed Daniel holding “a meeting” with two of his friends. I was very surprised knowing his shy nature! They didn’t understand each other too much since his other two friends are speaking in Gypsy language but he could have fooled anyone with that!   Daniel attends kindergarten daily now and he is very excited to go to kindergarten every day!!! He is not as shy anymore and by the way he is organizing “meetings” in his classroom he is on his way to becoming a great leader in his community 😊

David – David has just turned 6 years old and is in his first year of kindergarten. Due to a health problem, his parents decided not to have him in kindergarten until he turned 5 years and a half. In the first weeks I always heard how all the children blamed him for everything “David hit me…, David threw something…, David spit…, David yelled …”

David is passionate about kindergarten. Despite the fact that all children blamed him, even when he wasn’t his fault, David remained friends with his colleagues. Of all the children he is the most diligent, he is the first one to start to clean up the toys and he always finishes his assignments. The most precious moment was when as each child was receiving their snack from the teacher, I could hear David’s voice encouraging his colleagues to say “thank you!”  He was the first child to learn to say “thank you” and he was using it all the time. He never forgot to say Thank you!  And as each time something is shared in our classroom you can always hear David reminding his colleagues to say “thank you!”  This is great because these children are only now learning Romanian, and the fact that he already understood the importance of this word is invaluable. David attends kindergarten daily, has friends, loves loud games and likes the word “thank you” 



We highly appreciate you partnering with us in making a long-lasting impact in the lives of these precious children!